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Young Adult Red episode 9: Regional Difference Self-consciousness

Young Adult Red episode 9: Regional Difference Self-consciousness published on

It’s like there’s a sacred rule: every Alolan variant – Pokémon or human – is sexier than the regular one.


Backgrounds by Merel Lindenburg!

The Sacred Controller Hierarchy

The Sacred Controller Hierarchy published on

And lo, I handeth down these sacred rules from lore of old, and verily shall ALL gamers abideth by these regulations under strict penalty of vicious smiting by the all-powerful Ban Hammer. For these are the guidances of Play. So sayeth we all.


Interns published on

Want to do an internship at Wooden Plank Studios? Cool! As a general rule of thumb, we try to hire two interns every 6 months: one artist, one developer.



As the art intern at Wooden Plank Studios, you’ll help Abel with the weekly webcomic and any ongoing projects we’re doing. A lot of the backgrounds you see in the comics are made by interns, but sometimes they help with the line art or coloring as well. Next to that, you’ll get to make some game art assets as well. We’re not looking for concept artists or pixel artists. Instead, we prefer creative, versatile people with a distinct art style. You should know your way around Photoshop and have a Wacom (or other kind of) tablet.


As the developer intern at Wooden Plank Studios, you’ll help Christiaan with the various projects we’re doing behind the scenes. These projects are often games, but sometimes it’ll involve app development or web development as well. Experience with C# and Unity is required.


If you’re interested in an internship at Wooden Plank Studios, please send an email to interns (at)! To make it easier for us to sort the incoming emails, please use ART or DEV in the subject.