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Black Vegetarian Rhino with Flip-Flops on SoundCloud

Black Vegetarian Rhino with Flip-Flops on SoundCloud published on

I really liked Black Panther. It felt fresh. After so many Marvel movies, I thought I had pretty much seen every style and atmosphere they could come up with, but the afro-futurism of Wakanda was so cool and unique to see. Also, I feel obliged to say I hope I don’t offend anyone with this comic. I’m certainly not trying to “take away” the attention the black cast has been getting. I just thought it was fun to point out some OTHER minorities that are represented in this movie. And as always, it’s meant to be a silly comic, not a political statement. I love each and everyone of you just as much as I love M’Baku. Which is a lot.

Oh and I dare you to try to find all the hidden references in this one, especially the last panel. Some of them are pretty obscure and well-hidden!

Happy Pokémon Day!

Happy Pokémon Day! published on

Happy Pokémon Day, everyone! I know it’s one day late, but it’s probably still February 27th SOMEWHERE on this planet so technically I’m still on time!
Phew, 22 years, 807 Pokémon, millions and millions of profit and countless different kinds of Pokémon trainers! Which type of trainer are you?

Big thanks to Game Mania for making this comic possible! And just as much thanks to Charlot Hagenaars for the backgrounds!

I had to translate this comic from Dutch, so I might have made some grammar mistakes here and there. Forgive me.
As usual, there are dozens of little jokes and references hidden in this comic and I love to explain ’em, so if you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter!

Flaw in the System

Flaw in the System published on

I’m sorry, I was planning on doing a Black Panther comic, but this weekend one of my bunnies passed away very unexpectedly and I haven’t been able to come up with funny jokes ever since. So I decided to channel the grief and make a comic about the fact that pets just shouldn’t die. Or they should at least live just as long as we do. Parrots and turtles can do it, so why can’t dogs, cats and bunnies?

The bunny is in the comic, by the way. As usual, it’s chock-full of small jokes and references. If you want some backstory, hit me up on Twitter.

I’ll be back with a “regular” comic next week.

Lore Galore

Lore Galore published on

As part of my effort to get into Overwatch, I listened to the Know the Lore: Overwatch podcast and I really like the universe Blizzard has created. But it’s a shame it’s all somewhat useless since the matches you play are often very lore-unfriendly and crazy. Fun, sure, but they never feel like “real” battles in the Overwatch universe. I wish you could reenact actual battles, like the assassination of Mondatta and the attempt at stealing the Doomfist gauntlet by Widowmaker and Reaper. That way, the lore might actually feel like it serves a purpose, other than providing backstories for the heroes.

Ahhh what am I blabbering about? Let’s go play a match with six Walrus-Roadhogs and David Bowie Moira.

PS: I’m experimenting with different backgrounds this week. If you look closely, you might notice these backgrounds HAVE LINES. That’s a pretty huge deal to me and I’m still on the fence about it. It gives the comic a more unified look, but I also liked the paint-y look of the previous backgrounds. If you wanna let me know what you think, please do! You can reach me on Twitter at @WoodenPlankST or @AbelHagen!

Mind Trucks

Mind Trucks published on

You wouldn’t believe the theories surrounding that truck in middle school! I distinctly remember an “official” Pokémon magazine that claimed you had to bring a lv. 100 Golem with Fissure, Earthquake, Strenght and a fourth move I don’t remember. That Golem would be able to move the truck and reveal some footsteps. If you’d step into those footsteps, you’d be transported to the pond/fountain in the Silph Co. lobby, where you could catch Mew. Almost as ridiculous as the “press A 50 times after catching Mewtwo to catch Mew”-theory.

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions published on

Bowser seems like the guy to constantly promise change only to fall back in his evil ways

Comic originally made for Game Mania!