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Wooden Morghulis

Wooden Morghulis published on

Here we go again! I announced it already on our Patreon, but here’s the “official” announcement.
Beware of spoilers next week! And the six weeks after that.

It’s Vague To Everybody (Project Catch-up 1)

It’s Vague To Everybody (Project Catch-up 1) published on

This is the first comic of Project Catch-up, which is a fancy name for me catching up with games I’ve never played. I just played the Legend of Zelda (NES) and holy crap, that game is though. I feel sorry for the kids back then spending hours and hours randomly trying to burn bushes and trying to figure out vague advise from old men in dungeons.

Smash Queue

Smash Queue published on

IF Spring Man/Ribbon Girl is in the next Smash, I think this is a very accurate piece of symbolism. Him cutting in line because of his unique qualities as a boxer with long arms, you know. Don’t make me explain the joke!



– Rant mode on –
Seriously, I think it’s a huge shame the upcoming Mario + Rabbids game is a Mario + RABBIDS game. They’re about as annoying as Minions and they don’t deserve a place next to Mario. Rayman and his friends should have been there, instead of Rabbids in costumes taking selfies 🙁