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Animated webcomics

Animated webcomics published on
A year-old comic, revamped! I considered this my Chef d’Oeuvre, but I never found the right moment to upload it. Now, a year later, I absolutely hate my style from a year ago, so I gave the comic a big update. I really recommend checking out the progress pictures on Patreon, but you gotta pledge 5 dollars to see those, haha.

Young Adult Red episode 6: Blue meets Hau

Young Adult Red episode 6: Blue meets Hau published on

STARRING: Reddit users Zephyr42 (who gave me a cool EV-trained Rowlet, guy with the dark blue shirt) and Mult1Core (who gave me Pokerus, dude with the beard). Also, JHall is in there because while drawing, I noticed this comic was basically turning out to be a ripoff of this awesome comic of his, so I gave him a little “tribute”. Also, good luck finding Exeggutor in this one, mwahaha.