Smash Queue

Smash Queue published on

IF Spring Man/Ribbon Girl is in the next Smash, I think this is a very accurate piece of symbolism. Him cutting in line because of his unique qualities as a boxer with long arms, you know. Don’t make me explain the joke!

It’s Vague To Everybody (Project Catch-up 1)

It’s Vague To Everybody (Project Catch-up 1) published on

This is the first comic of Project Catch-up, which is a fancy name for me catching up with games I’ve never played. I just played the Legend of Zelda (NES) and holy crap, that game is though. I feel sorry for the kids back then spending hours and hours randomly trying to burn bushes and… Continue reading It’s Vague To Everybody (Project Catch-up 1)

Wooden Morghulis

Wooden Morghulis published on

Here we go again! I announced it already on our Patreon, but here’s the “official” announcement. Beware of spoilers next week! And the six weeks after that.