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April 19, 2017Young Adult Red episode 9: Regional Difference Self-consciousnessPokémon Sun and Moon
March 22, 2017Young Adult Red episode 8: Young Adult PikachuPokémon Sun and Moon
February 15, 2017Young Adult Red episode 7: Poké RidePokémon Sun and Moon
February 1, 2017Young Adult Red episode 6: Blue meets HauPokémon Sun and Moon
January 25, 2017Young Adult Red episode 5: Red’s TrialPokémon Sun and Moon
December 7, 2016Young Adult Red 4: Don’t Mess With the LegendPokémon Sun and Moon
November 30, 2016Young Adult Red episode 3: Red Writes HomePokémon Sun and Moon
November 23, 2016Unused Z-MovePokémon Sun and Moon
November 9, 2016Young Adult Red episode 2!Pokémon Sun and Moon
November 2, 2016Pokémon YoungAdultRedPokémon Sun and Moon
October 19, 2016Starter ShamePokémon Sun and Moon
July 5, 2016RowletionshipPokémon Sun and Moon