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Link Needs a Shrink

Link Needs a Shrink published on

Don’t you think it’s weird that everyone trusts ONE old guy to welcome back the legendary hero after his 100-year slumber? What if that legendary hero decided to immediately run off and get killed by a Lynel? (Something I would NEVER do)

Bad Breath

Bad Breath published on

This comic is based on true events! My “Legendary Hero” emerged from the Shrine of Resurrection after a 100-year slumber, healed from his mortal wounds to once again take on Calamity Ganon and vanquish the world of evil… only to be killed by a Bokoblin literally 5 minutes later. I thought that was super funny.

Also yes, I have played 15 Zelda games to prepare for Breath of the Wild.

Pokémon Lad’s Go

Pokémon Lad’s Go published on

The problem with making comics about newly revealed starter Pokémon is that you’ll anger fans of the starter you’re making fun of. So I just make fun of all three of them! There’s no way that can go wrong.

Also, I hope this is one of MANY Pokémon Sword/Shield comics I’ll make!