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The Oracle of Truth

The Oracle of Truth published on

I’ve always wanted to make a Loss edit!

If you have no clue what this comic is about here’s a bit of backstory:
Nathan Pyle created this comic in 2016
Tate Parker created this comic in 2017
Matthew J Wills created this comic last week
sloppyjoes7 created this comic shortly after that

And I thought this whole ordeal was pretty funny, but there’s one webcomic-related meme that I like even more, and that is, of course, Loss. So I decided to combine the two memes/templates in an epic conclusion of this story arc. Oh and Adam Ellis makes an appearance as well.

Tropical Burn in Kingdom Battle

Tropical Burn in Kingdom Battle published on

Oh I love Cranky and I love making comics that feature him shitting all over everything. I wish he was a super popular/famous character. Maybe he will be when he’s introduced in Smash Switch.