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Avengers Preparing for Infinity War PART 3

Avengers Preparing for Infinity War PART 3 published on

Yikes. 3 weeks, 21 panels and more than 30 characters, but I’m finally done. By the time this comic goes live, I’ll be in the cinema, watching the Marvel Studios logo! I’m EXTREMELY hyped. Lord of the Rings levels-hyped, and I’m really glad that can – apparently – still happen. I thought I was getting old and boring.

Also, the animated versions of the Hawkeye and Thanos panels are way cooler:

Avengers Preparing for Infinity War: PART 2

Avengers Preparing for Infinity War: PART 2 published on

I wasn’t really happy with the Bucky “joke” in the previous one and after posting it I came up with this one, which is a lot better, in my opinion. So yes, Bucky has two panels now.
Next week part 3!

Avengers Preparing for Infinity War: PART 1

Avengers Preparing for Infinity War: PART 1 published on

The first six panels of an 18-panel comic featuring almost every Avenger getting ready for Infinity War! I will post one of these on social media ever day from now on. The only places to see all six at once are here on the website and on our Patreon page.

Norton Antititan

Norton Antititan published on

I KNOW he wasn’t in either of the two trailers and he isn’t on the poster, but we just gotta have FAITH guys! If we have faith, our hero WILL return in the nick of time and this just might be the final scene in Infinity War!!

Oh and here’s a bonus panel for anyone who is thinking about getting wise with me and asking where Thanos got the Soul Stone:

Black Vegetarian Rhino with Flip-Flops on SoundCloud

Black Vegetarian Rhino with Flip-Flops on SoundCloud published on

I really liked Black Panther. It felt fresh. After so many Marvel movies, I thought I had pretty much seen every style and atmosphere they could come up with, but the afro-futurism of Wakanda was so cool and unique to see. Also, I feel obliged to say I hope I don’t offend anyone with this comic. I’m certainly not trying to “take away” the attention the black cast has been getting. I just thought it was fun to point out some OTHER minorities that are represented in this movie. And as always, it’s meant to be a silly comic, not a political statement. I love each and everyone of you just as much as I love M’Baku. Which is a lot.

Oh and I dare you to try to find all the hidden references in this one, especially the last panel. Some of them are pretty obscure and well-hidden!

Happy Pokémon Day!

Happy Pokémon Day! published on

Happy Pok√©mon Day, everyone! I know it’s one day late, but it’s probably still February 27th SOMEWHERE on this planet so technically I’m still on time!
Phew, 22 years, 807 Pokémon, millions and millions of profit and countless different kinds of Pokémon trainers! Which type of trainer are you?

Big thanks to Game Mania for making this comic possible! And just as much thanks to Charlot Hagenaars for the backgrounds!

I had to translate this comic from Dutch, so I might have made some grammar mistakes here and there. Forgive me.
As usual, there are dozens of little jokes and references hidden in this comic and I love to explain ’em, so if you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter!