Assistance Persistence (Everyone is Home)

Assistance Persistence (Everyone is Home) published on

Artist’s note: I don’t really hate Riki. Riki is up there with Toad on my list of favorite little round characters who scream a lot.

You Really Are a Heel (Everyone is Home)

You Really Are a Heel (Everyone is Home) published on

I actually REALLY disliked Incineroar. To me he’s just as forgettable as Emboar: angry bipedal fire animal. But, since he’s in Smash, I’m going to try to stop worrying and learn to love the heel wrestler cat. I’ll start playing Ultra Moon soon and I’ll pick him as my starter.

Canine Intervention (Everyone is Home)

Canine Intervention (Everyone is Home) published on

This is how it felt to defeat Galeem/Dharkon with Isabelle. She looks so hilariously out of place fighting two evil demon gods, one with a body made out of black murder spaghetti.