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Everyone is Celebrating! PART 1 (Everyone is Home)

Everyone is Celebrating! PART 1 (Everyone is Home) published on

Hi everyone! December is a special month. On the 7th, my single most anticipated game of the past few years is releasing. And then there’s the usual stuff like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We thought it’d be fitting to do something special during this special month. So we came up with the following idea:

We’re gonna make a MASSIVE comic/poster that features EVERY SINGLE Smash fighter getting presents and chilling in the Everyone is Home-house. Every day of December, we release one panel of this huge image. On special days, like the 7th, we’ll release multiple panels! You can follow the progress every day on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!
Now I thought that posting every panel separately on our website would make a mess of the archive, so instead, you’ll get the first 5 panels that have been released so far in a nice single column layout, as well as the current state of the house:

Everyone is Celebrating overview 1